Save your favourite beats and create your own ‘Groove Library’
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Spin it

Spin the notes and create your own beat. There are literally millions of possibilities! Make the bar your own by adjusting the individual beats with your fingers.  Use the padlock icon to lock any individual spinner.

a screenshot from the app showing the home page
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Hear it

Listen to the beat you have created. Not sure? Then spin again. Like it? Then it’s time to DRUMMIT!

a screenshot from the app showing the home page showing two of the spinners locked
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When you press the DRUMMIT button your chosen beat will be clearly displayed on a grid style background. Each grid line represents a 1/16 note value. You can choose your preferred speed from the metronome dial on the left hand side.

a screenshot from the app showing the DRUMMIT screen
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Tweak it

You can fine tune your practice session by pressing the SETTINGS button. The click/line will sound/show at the chosen note value, allowing detailed and accurate practice at all speeds from very slow to very fast.

a screenshot from the app showing the settings page


(from the App Store)

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Perfect. This app I’d the first of its kind really, there isn’t another app out there that has this many options in such a simple and easy to use package 10/10 would recommend.

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Olivia G

Fantastic app! Have found this app really straightforward and fun to use. So so helpful for drummers - at any level - to improve rhythm. Will definitely be recommending to other musicians!

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Joe Sky123

Perfect! Think the app is great and will use it most days to improve my dodgy rhythm! Great for any musician looking to learn rhythms in a fun and accessible way. Straightforward and easy to follow layout and love the colour scheme!!!

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Blown away. Tons of content and very well designed. Looking like this will be the app I sink many many hours into during this lockdown!

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Amazing. I came across this app when I was looking for something for my two year old who is loving drumming on everything possible. I know the app is for 4+ but we love it at age of 2 as well. We will be using it a lot I think.

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Brilliant! Such a great app- so many rhythmic combinations. Clear and simple to use and I like the way that the app continues working in the background if you need to multitask and use other apps at the same time. Perfect for drummers but also great for any musician who wants to work on their rhythm. Firm recommendation from me!

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Simple, Sophisticated, Brilliant. This is definitely a one-of-a-kind app, but the simplicity of the concept works so well for drummers practicing and improving rhythms. It’s easy to use and to follow and there are so many different rhythms to play with. This is definitely something I will be using a lot.

Available now on the App Store and Google Play & Google Play

The revolutionary way to improve your drumming skills in your own time, at your own tempo.

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