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Keith Bartlett
April 2, 20
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Welcome to Drummit

Ok. So...obviously I’m delighted that you’ve downloaded our new app ‘DRUMMIT’. It’s a fab’ way of learning drums and will totally improve your playing. However, due to its addictive nature, I feel I should probably warn you about what you’ve just let yourself in for... This debut DRUMMIT version contains 1,679,616 different beats.

If you dedicated just one minute’s practice to them all that would take 1,679,616 minutes (duh), over 27,993 hours, 1,166-ish days or just over 3 years. And that’s without eating, drinking, sleeping or going to the loo! Bearing in mind that we will soon be adding a similar number of patterns in other popular styles such as Jazz, Funk and Latin American you can see that DRUMMIT is truly an ‘App for life’ not just for April!

Now you’re on board let's have a look at a few ways to get the most out of DRUMMIT.

1. ALWAYS use the metronome when practising. When you’ve chosen your beat take it slowly at first, concentrating on clarity and accuracy then, when you feel confident, gradually increase the tempo. If some beats seem a little tricky at first be patient and take your time. Remember that a simple beat played well will always sound more impressive than a difficult one played badly.

2. Check out the settings page and become familiar with all of its functions. It’s there to help you after all. The Drum Sounds and Note Flash are obvious assets but the metronome, in particular, with its click, line and 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16 BPM settings, has been specifically designed to aid practice at all speeds from very fast to very slow, so experiment, see what suits you and make the most of it.

3. Think about using your fingers for a bit of individual column spin rather than always using the SPIN IT button. This is a terrific way to gently increase the difficulty level at a pace that suits you personally. Make a note of your favourite creations by using the numbers on the individual beats and start sharing them with your friends. After all, who could resist a bit of 1+1+4+1, 1+5+22+3 or even a ‘funky’ 5+15+19+26!?

Let us know what you like or dislike about the app and also any ideas you might have in order to improve it. We’re all ears. As I said at the beginning, this app is for life and once you start you’ll never stop, so what are you waiting for? Press that button, spin those pages and DRUMMIT!

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